Free to exist

Karman tells its story and does so by referring to the experiences of a number of “iconic” characters who have enthusiastically offered themselves as models for images of their existence.

A basic, categorical photographic story that has successfully captured the meeting with heterogeneous life experiences, not those of the epic or mythological type but rather those that are true, coherent and engaging.

This has led to a clean-cut work, shared by masterful interpreters who, perfectly at their ease, instantly identified themselves with the dimension of the portrait, in the role of active, informed subjects, capable of positively stimulating our senses.

Liberi di essere (Free to exist), subtitle of the main theme of 2019, is profoundly Karman in its intimacy, it’s a way of understanding the existence, an irreversible state of mind of those who have decided to speak with the heart at heart, to react to the toughness of life with an iron will, and to the constant background noise of this society with emotions and sentiments.