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Karman in London for the Darc Night

(Italiano) Karman partecipa all’esclusiva Darc Night, un evento creativo tra genio e follia dove si incontrano architetti e designer nell’eclettica cornice del Fabric di Londra.

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Cocktail Party with Karman

Thursday, 24th of May, at Montenero53 Showroom, Karman will present the collection 2018.

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Karman lights up the Milano Design Week

During the Milano Design Week, Karman has created well-chosen partnership with any italian and foreign companies.

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A Christmas with Karman

In a magical night of December something special was appening in Karman.
While all people was sleeping, a strange team of Karman-elfs worked without a stop to realize many presents.

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Light & Wine Day

Cosa hanno in comune Karman e la Cantina Murola?
La passione, lo studio della migliore tecnologia e la spinta ad ottenere sempre una più alta qualità dei prodotti.

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(Italiano) Karman partecipa al Focus Design 2017

(Italiano) Di tutti gli ambienti domestici, il bagno è forse il protagonista delle maggiori trasformazioni, ridiventando luogo di benessere, relax, socializzazione, quasi un ritorno alle sue origini classiche.

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Karman between the unmistakable memory of the tradition and the constant research for innovation.

The soft light of the Karman lamps creates at sunset a magical atmosphere. The places that Karman chooses to give birth to its events and convivial moments aren’t selected at random.

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Fuorisalone 2017_Manuel Ritz and Karman for Bacco

The collaboration continues between the ironic and unconventional lighting brand Karman and the historical menswear brand, Manuel Ritz. During the Milano Design Week 2017, they present an original version of Bacco, a new rechargeable table lamp in the shape of a glass bottle of milk, designed by Matteo Ugolini.

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Euroluce 2017_An uncontainable need for light

Karman takes part in Euroluce 2017, by offering a stand that holds inside the real essence of the company. When you enter in the 11th hall you feel like at home. Try to live the Karman’s space means to live side by side with old special tools, objects that carry us far away, rakes seem to smell like the land. Karman’s stand is a botanic world, with banana trees and many other tropical plants and a real grassland.

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Designers and architects at the Foro Annonario for the event approved by Karman celebrating champagne

Sparkling bubbles immediately make a party. The festa dello Champagne was a success in its second year and the result of a successful collabora-tion between Karman and the enoteca Tre Galli Senigallia. The Marches company has looked after, with its innovative, creative and very personal touch that does not go unnoticed, the preparation of the Foro Annonario and, for the occasion, invited about two hundred architects and designers from all over Italy.

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Dinamica_Installation: Castello D’Albertis – Genoa

Design week, artistic multidisciplinary performances , meetings and culinary events in search of faraway countries, in an uncommon background of an urban castle. On April 21, in the evocative setting of the D’Albertis Castle in Genoa, the designers Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo explain us how they created Notredame, a lamp that takes inspiration from the Gothic cathedrals and reawakes ancient feelings.

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In creativity_Lab87: Rome

Together with Abimis, Saba and Mdf Italia, leading company in the interior design field, Karman is a guest of the new Lab87 showroom, LAB87 AREA, the elegant concept store based on the made in Italy design, in the centre of Rome, near the Colosseo.

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