Made with love - Karman - A Light Forever

Made with love


A light forever

Free to exist

Karman tells its story and does so by referring to the experiences of a number of “iconic” characters who have enthusiastically offered themselves as models for images of their existence.

A basic, categorical photographic story that has successfully captured the meeting with heterogeneous life experiences, not those of the epic or mythological type but rather those that are true, coherent and engaging.

This has led to a clean-cut work, shared by masterful interpreters who, perfectly at their ease, instantly identified themselves with the dimension of the portrait, in the role of active, informed subjects, capable of positively stimulating our senses.

Liberi di essere (Free to exist), subtitle of the main theme of 2019, is profoundly Karman in its intimacy, it’s a way of understanding the existence, an irreversible state of mind of those who have decided to speak with the heart at heart, to react to the toughness of life with an iron will, and to the constant background noise of this society with emotions and sentiments.


The bathroom is becoming ever more the place dedicated to the self-care and well-being. Comfort and design are fundamental for a space that has been transformed from a pure domestic ambient to a room to enjoy.

That’s why, in the bathroom too, you have to create the right atmosphere, suitable at every moment of the day, as we spent much time in this room.

The light is very important for this place of well-being and relax.

Romantic or minimal style, industrial mood or country chic.

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Free and spontaneous inspiration. It’s an internal tension moment.
Often, for the professional, the project is a great source of inspiration to realize something new.

Karman, with this special edition titled “Karman in the world”, wants to give the right inspiration, showing the projects where the Karman lamps found their proper place, their way to be.

Restaurant, hotel, private home and retail. Each one with its own personality, each one with its own identity. From country-chic style to the modern one, from classical to contemporary. The Karman lightings fit in different locations with a great naturalness and harmony. From here, the architect can be inspired for his future projects.

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Welcome in Karman!

Karman Home has been planned to welcome the guest who’d like to know the  essence of this company.

You come in and feel like home. White and black pictures in the walls tell some staff’s stolen moments, objects of the past come back occasionally and underline to attachment to our things from past.

The showroom where architects are hosted is a convivial place, a meeting point, a round table where you can share ideas  and suggestions.

The value and the attention reserved to the place where you can taste the cuisine and where Karman wants to share with you the great Italian food.

Karman is tradition and innovation. The tradition is rooted in the craft Italian culture and team building value. In the meantime, the innovation arises from the design of the products and from the desire to have a space where you can work and cultivate new ideas.


In this summer 2016 the t-shirts by Karman have been around the world!

We are publishing all pictures, of who’s funny to carry a bit of Karman light during the holidays. This is a way to share with us the emotions of our brand too.



The Karman recipe

We cook for you only delicious light…

450 gr. design
2 creativity spoonfuls
200 gr. passion
one guffaw
1 kg irony
½ lt sense of humor
200 ml good taste
40 lt made in Italy
a pinch of authenticity
light at will
insanity just enough

Pour all ingredients together in a pan, cook slowly and season with a little of insanity.

Level of preparation: extremely difficult.

The secret of this speciality: insanity must be shining.


“I leave you with this story, made up of fleeting images and moments in time, with that curiosity that motivates each of our gestures so that, page by page, you can discover that the dream is in fact true, tangible and sublimely concrete.” – Davide Diamantini, CEO Karman



Made in Karman

Every catalogue tells a story. Every story displayed in a setting. A true journey into memory. Objects manufactured on purpose to create unique atmospheres. Conceived and designed from Karman creative staff and all made in Fossombrone. The cradle where the little owl was born, the bathing-hut where Massimo could complete his “needs” for lighting, the bath tub where Pluto enjoys peacefully his bath, all barber’s vintage pieces collected to recreate that beautiful atmosphere of an old barber shop leaving a mark in the youth of many of us.



A video for Karman

This video is dedicated to the ones who love to tell little stories, who live lives of emotion, who are able to grab simplicity within full complexity and wish to seize beauty in it all. To those who begin the day with just one single thought in their heads, as well as to the ones who have an overabundance of thoughts and, every day, peer into the mirror and are still able to smile.

The times we are living within urge us to be prepared; to reach beyond the ordinary… embracing words that people may never utter but would fill our hearts if they did.

In the midst of those hills an idea was born: that it is possible to move toward the future and remain faithful to our real selves even as we honor mankind and nature.

We dedicate this video to those who are able to share a dream, who are not afraid at all to break rules in all respects when a gift for wisdom is lacking; who are able in this way to feel themselves to be free… we say this because these are the main tricks of the trade for the subversives of lighting that we are.

Life is so much more adept at fantasy than we are and there is nothing more appealing than to be caught in its sign of beauty… and nothing worse than people who are unable to see and explore it.

We wish to get that point, with intense dedication, passion and knowledge, just like men of ancient times, to offer you lighting, a kind of lighting that has the ability to vibrate, able to talk, a Karman lighting… like fanciful dreamers.


True to its philosophy of thinking out of the box, Karman strives to invent ever-new ways of telling stories. Such as its graphic novel starring Karmando, an investigator battling against the evil Ombra: a playful comic strip from a company that enjoys inventing new languages ​​with sincerity and passion.

Karmando as main character of the comic is the front man marking out in a very ironical and daring way the main image of the company; “the beauty of lighting” as “bello” appears in his most suitable guise: a confused investigator, truly unconventional, getting along with a shady case committed by a very resentful “Shadow”.