From the very beginning a material for Karman. Ceramic represents the origin, the archetype, the raw and first material leading us directly to the origins of our culture. To Myth.
The beauty of that material lays in its raw or glossy finishing used very often by Karman for its products.


There are just a few materials able like that one to represent the main idea of strength, concreteness and at the same time plasticity and lightness.


Through hand-crafted production of melted glass Karman legitimizes a stylistic tradition endangered of oblivion by providing eminence and modernity.
Thanks to glass lighting undergoes a sublimation since it seeps through by creating magic results, moments of true emotional zeal.


Continuously looking for materials able to amaze deeply fiberglass bears at the same time a cultural and technical background by now strengthened and affirmed.
There are several meaningful ways to express oneself and Karman apparently insatiable is always looking for new materials to convey new meanings.


The very last landing material in the rich and meaningful Karman collection.
Wood because of its functional use and it complies with specific historical and stylistic needs; furthermore it’s eco-friendly and basically Karman is not able to leave sustainable matters out of its consideration.


Regardless if it’s steel, aluminium or brass, metal is a material already participating to several finishings in Karman’s items.
Metal a material very often cold and inhospitable with Karman becomes shape and emotion through handcraft typifying the brand.


Karman has always had burning interest for fabrics, becoming sometimes purpose of evocative research.
There are several treatments done by our craftsmen in order to get the user’s attention and to let emotion be stronger than ever.


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